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July 28, 2018


Kristy Reimer is an Airdrie and Calgary commercial photographer, specializing in headshot sessions, corporate events, and advertising imagery.  Stay up to date with current projects by following the blog!

Group Portrait- Calgary Corporate Photographer

June 22, 2017

Let's chat a little bit about lighting! Yesterday I photographed this group portrait on Scotsman's Hill in Calgary. The natural lighting was idea- a little bit of cloud cover, softening the light and shadows while helping the people to not be to squinty! I didn't know if I was going to get cloud cover for this shoot though, and it wasn't an option to shoot this in the evening when the sun would have been behind the subjects instead. So, planning on shooting in full sun, I armed myself with 3 flashes, flash stands, and sandbags. Yes, full sun makes things tricky! I positioned the people slightly to a side angle from the sun, so that they wouldn't have to stare directly into it, and 3 flashes to fill in the shadow side of their faces. If I wasn't able to photograph them without squinting, the other option was to turn the people around with the sun to their backs, and photoshop the background back in later. Now, that is a lot of extra photoshop time so thankfully I didn't need to do that. Even with the soft, cloudy light, I still needed to fill in the shadow side of their faces. There are 2 flashes on full manual power on camera left, and 1 flash on 3/4 power almost straight on. The flash ratio could all be controlled on camera with my transmitter. Slick! Here is the final product: